An improvised list of opensource conference management software

From time to time I check the available options for management conferences opensource licensed. My requirements would be basically:

  • management of the call for papers process:
    • authors registration
    • submiting of proposals and documents
    • review and approval process
  • bonus extra:
    • management and publish the conference program
    • export the program in some standard recognized formats (BARF, calendar, etc)
    • some mobile user application able to show and maanage the program calendar
  • heaven gift:
    • event management features for the conference attendance: registration, mailing, etc (think as an equivalent of Eventbrite).

As far I found:

  • Pentabarf, which seems obsolete these days
  • FRAB, a Pentabarf succesor, used at FrosCon, CCC.
  • COD, based on Drupal and used at DrupalCon’s, I guess.
  • CFP-Devoxx used at several Devoxx conferences and others.
  • OSEM, used at OpenSUSE, Owncloud, PGConf US and others.
  • Canonical Summit, this link points to the DebConf fork used in 2014 an 2015.
  • Wafer, Django based, currently used by DebConf.
  • OCS, made in PHP, in Gunnar words: «a long-running system, aimed at academic conferences, with a large install base».
  • symposion (plus registrasion), used at North Bay Python.
  • OpenConferenceWare, used at Open Source Bridge.

Other «raw» information:

If you know other applications you think should be added please feedback through comments. Same if you are aware of a better list than this or if you have a better list of application requirements.

PS: This post is just a draft so can be subjets of future adds and corrections.

PD: Added the links provided by Gunnar.
PPD: Added links to symposion and OpenConferenceWare.

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